The Ideal Construction Tool Box


Regardless of your current status as a DIY man or a professional construction worker, you will need a fully equipped tool box that has all the essential and important tools and equipments for you to perform your trade effectively. Tool boxes can either be made of metal, plastic, aluminum or a good old wooden tool box but regardless of what it’s made, what is inside matters most.

If you are looking for a well stock up toolbox, you will definitely need a bigger style such as a rolling cabinet. So the size and typ0e of the toolbox will determine what tools can be kept inside. Normally, you should have two tool boxes, one for you to carry around for fast easy easy jobs and a bigger one such as a rolling cabinet where you can place bigger equipments such as full size electric saws, hammer drills and other bigger tools.


Small and portable tool boxes typically has 3 pull out drawers or levels and typically sells for between $50-$100. You can keep small tools such as screw drivers, hammers, a small drill, gloves, measuring tape and other small items. This is good for you to carry around for your repair jobs such as repairing your garage, fix the bathroom door or even repair your ceiling lights. Normally these jobs require you to use only small tools such as screw driver and a hammer or even perhaps a small drill.

For larger tools, you will need a rolling cabinet. These cabinets normally sell for between $150-$300 and has multiple drawers and levels for almost everything you can think of putting in there. Some better ones even cost upwards of $1000. It also highly portable in the sense that you can wheel it around when you are performing your task in different places.


Finally, you have the biggest of them all, that is is the workbench. These benches provide storage spaces for all your tools as well as a working table top for your to perform your task such as mounting a saw for sawing planks and wood. Workbenches are not cheap and typically sells for between $100- more than $1000 for a large one. You will need a larger space to place this workbench as it will be kind of permanent.

So when it’s time consider your choices, evaluate your needs, space and requirements before deciding on which tool box to buy.