A jobsite without music is like a house without music. Liven up your workspace or home with the Ryobi P746 stereo system. It is versatile, with the ability to play music from its AM / FM radio or from your phone or mp3 player. Either plug in with the auxiliary cable or use the built-in bluetooth system so you can change tracks without having to cross the room. You can even charge your devices with the 2-amp USB port, with sizeable storage on the top of the stereo. Your music can play for hours on-the-go with one of the Ryobi One+ system’s lithium ion batteries, or as long as you want with an extension cord. Bring it camping and hiking or save it for when the power’s out and you need access to the news. Whether you need to be prepared for emergencies, travel, or simply stay entertained at the jobsite, Ryobi has your back.