Music is a great way to keep the jobsite from getting dull. If you’re out and about often for work, then you’ll need a smaller music player to keep you entertained. With the Ryobi P742, you can listen to music on-the-go, at home, or in your workshop, all in a day with a single lithium ion battery. The P742 is an AM / FM radio that also acts as a Bluetooth speaker for your smartphone or mp3 player. Its compact design makes it easy to bring with you anywhere, and the back straps allow you to keep your music device connected to it. An all-in-one entertainment system, it even has an onboard clock that will help you keep time on a camping or hiking trip while you jam out to your favorite tunes. From the campsite to the jobsite, to the office to the home, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a place where this radio doesn’t shine. Simply plug in a One+ 18 Volt battery, and you’ll be ready to listen to music, the weather, and the news for hours.