Over a decade ago, jobsite radios or worksite radios are nothing but cheap and low quality sound boxes that workers used to kill their time or keep them entertained while they are on their break or even hard at work. Some even used them to catch up on live coverage of NFL and NBA games if their work schedule coincide with the games their favorite team is playing.

However since then, technology has evolved and improved to such a level that jobsite radios are now not only music companions but also full grown and well developed jobsite tools that many find to be indispensable. From just a handful of features, the jobsite radios of this decade boast of various high tech features as well as high quality sound with powerful speakers to match.

With these new features, price increase is inevitable but most buyers are more than willing to fork out the extra dollars to get a high quality and feature packed best jobsite radio. Contrary to what you might think, jobsite radios are not made only for use at worksites but many people buy them for their home use as well. A good example will be a buyer buying it to place it outdoors while having a pool party where an Ac wall outlet is not available. The other reason is that the speakers of the best jobsite radios are very powerful and loud and any music coming out from these speakers will be able to use to entertain a large number of guests.


Like many normal home and conventional radios, a jobsite radio has the standard radio reception functions such as an AM and FM band that allows you to tune in to most of your favorite channels. Some high end and expensive models of jobsite radios are furnished with a USB or SD card socket which allows you to plug in your USB storage stick to play your songs and music all day long. This is a cool feature for those that are not big fans of listening to the radio.

Another unique feature of a jobsite radio is the ability to be operated from an AC outlet or their rechargeable batteries. This is very useful as some worksites may have a shortage of AC outlets in the area that you are working such as out in the open field.

Good jobsite radio can often act as a charger themselves where users can charge small electronic devices such as a cellphone and a MP3 player. There are also others that have in built systems that can b connected to solar charging panel to harness the power of the sun to charge the jobsite radios.

Apart from the above features, what really make the jobsite radio so special and unique? Its robustness! The toughness of this radio has endeared it to many satisfied users who swore by the fact that they can virtually toss this radio around without damaging it. The exterior of most good jobsite radio are often fitted with stainless steel grills and meshes to prevent shocks and knocks when used in extreme worksite conditions. Some are even waterproof that allows you to use them in the rain!

Furthermore, the jobsite radio can act as your emergency tool to charge your flashlights or to light up your flood lights and it can also power up your sirens of alarm system in times of need. Being compact in size, it is highly portable and can be transported around easily and quickly from one place to another.

With all these features, you may think that it is highly difficult equipment to maintain. However on the contrary, this is furthest from the truth as the jobsite radio is a very low maintenance tool which needs no special care other than the fact that you may need to wipe it from time to time lest, the dirt gets embedded to deep to warrant any meaningful cleaning in the near future.

The powerful antenna makes this worksite radio versatile enough to be used in remote places where reception is generally poor in these isolated places. As such, the jobsite radio is now one of the mist favored piece of equipment for many discerning users that appreciates its quality and practical use.

Basically, you should be looking at a few features that must be present in a good jobsite radio.

1) A good jobsite radio such as the Milwaukee 18V 2890-20 M18 Job Site Radio and the DEWALT DCR018 18V/12V/20V MAX Compact Worksite Radio which are both available HERE, must come with high quality sound and a full spectrum of volume and tone controls. This includes equalizer, bass and treble control which can mix your music to a high fidelity level that is pleasing to the ears. A good subwoofer is an additional benefit that highly compliments the range of controls as mentioned above

2) Exterior protection is another feature that the best jobsite radio must have. These normally comes with stainless steel grills and mesh covering the radio, especially around the controls and speaker area which are sensitive to knocks and spills. Makita Tools</a is a good manufacturer of these type of robust jobsite radios

3) Waterproofing is also built into most high end jobsite radios as a standard feature, This feature enable users to use them in the rain or even submerged them in water ( depending on the waterproofing ratings ) for an extended period of time.

4) Other than an AC outlet, good jobsite radios need to be able to run off 18v rechargeable batteries.

5) Ability to be used as a changer themselves to charge small electronic items such as, cellphones, MP3 players or an emergency light.

6) USB, SD Card and AUX port. This is to enable you to plugin your external d3eices such as an zMP3 player or to charge your external devices.

7) Weight is another factor that you need to consider when buying a jobsite radio If you plan to move it around all day long, a fairly lightweight model is highly recommended as you not want to lug around a 50 pounder everywhere you go.

8) A powerful antenna must be included so that you can be assured of good radio band receptions even in remote places.

Most good jobsite radios such as the Sangean TB-100 (Toughbox) AM/FM/AUX-In Ultra Rugged Digital Tuning Rechargeable Radio (Green) available here at $77 is well below the $100 price point but some high end ones such as the DEWALT DC012 7.2-Volt-18-Volt Heavy-Duty Worksite Radio Charger which is also available HERE can set you back for about $169

So again, it depends on what features you are looking for and if you are brand loyal or brand conscious. But for the average users, any of those jobsite radios from reputable brands such as Milwaukee Tools and Dewalt should be just fine.

So, determine what you need and your budget coupled with the information above, I am sure you will be able to land something you like.

Let"s face it. There are MANY places that you can look to purchase a jobsite radio and more often than not prices do vary from outlets to outlets. Brand and model selection is also another factor that you need to consider when making your selection and eventual purchase as many online retail stores doe not carry a whole lot of models in their store.

However, based on our experience, we find that Amazon is the most ideal place to look for the best jobsite radio. You may ask why is that. Amazon is currently the largest online retailer and they have a very large selection of brands and models to choose from. Their prices are also one of the most competitive around and with FREE SHIPPING on most items including a 2 day FREE SHIPPING if you are Prime member, you will never go wrong when buying from Amazon. We may sound a little biased recommending Amazon, but still we urge you to check them out first and compare prices with other retailers or even your local hardware store. Nevertheless with Amazon"s Easy Returns, it is an ideal place to purchase your ideal jobsite radio.

To complicate things and to throw a monkey wrench in your decision making process, let me spell it out. Jobsite radio models are not interchangeable. If you have just seen one construction radio model, don"t for a second believe that you"ve seen them all.

Now, this is an easy mindset to develop in the construction world. After all, we"re talking about interchangeable parts, we"re talking about standardized sizes, we"re talking about widgets and pieces that pretty much fit into place to take care of certain projects. But this piece of equipment is not interchangeable because if you settle for something less than the best, your profits are going to take a hit. There"s really no way around it. The results are drastic, the results are quite monumental.

And what makes this all dangerous is that this impact disguises itself. It seems small. It seems like you"re nickel and diming. It seems like you"re picking pennies here and there, but if you run these numbers, both in terms of opportunity costs and actual costs through an accountant, that person"s going to ring the alarm. That person"s going to tell you, in the most black and white terms, that this is a serious problem. You have developed cancer on your balance sheet. Do you see how this works? This is no joke.

Now that you are clear as to the fact that jobsite radio models are not interchangeable because they apply to different situations and different companies, the next step is to focus on what matters in your particular set of circumstances. In other words, you"re going to have to make a decision based on what makes sense for your business and your jobsite experience.

In other words, you"re not going to just take other company"s referrals. You"re not going to take their recommendations. They may think that a Dewalt jobsite radio is the best thing since sliced bread, more power to them. But understand that that referral or recommendation comes from a particular set of circumstances. Such circumstances may not exist in your situation.

Similarly, you may have industry contacts or even competitors who swear by the Makita digital radio. Now the Makita digital radio might do a great job as far as their particular jobsite and job atmosphere may be concerned, but if there is a disconnect between your particular set of variables and the set of circumstances of the people recommending this Makita product, then you"ve got to have a problem on your hands. You might end up in the same place that you began. There might be inefficiencies there. There might be miscommunications. There might be a bad orchestration of resources.

The same analysis applies to any kind of brand and model, even the Bosch DAB radio. Don"t just focus on the brand, don"t just focus on the model, focus on your set of circumstances because ultimately, that is what matters. That is what determines whether a particular product is the best for your set of circumstances. It"s all about your situation.

Finally, finding the best Milwaukee jobsite radio is all about paying attention to your job details. Every job is different, but they are similar enough to each other that you can see broad patterns. Use these broad patterns to set a minimal standard for all the equipment as well as all the coordination tools that you use.

This is the best way to come up with a systematic and methodical approach to buying the right product at the right time to produce the right effects. Otherwise, you"re just simply taking shots in the dark. You"re just simply rolling the dice and hoping for the very best. That"s not going to happen. This is hardly a winning strategy given the dog-eat-dog competitive landscape your business is in.

It doesn"t matter how big your operations are now, you are well on your way to a slippery downward slope if you don"t start managing your costs, both real and opportunity costs, with an iron hand right here, right now.

Make no mistake about it, if you have a jobsite and you want everything to proceed smoothly and efficiently, you have to have top notch communications. This is non-negotiable. This is not an option. This is not theory nor is it speculation.

If you are serious about making money as a contractor, whether you"re a general contractor or a subcontractor, you need to make sure that your resources flow evenly and efficiently. If you are serious about making money with your business, you should already know this. You should take this seriously.

It"s not just a matter of picking the best parts for the lowest price. It"s not just a matter of picking the most efficient people who really know their stuff and who can get the job done the first time around. While those are important steps, you have to put it all together. You have to have a solid game plan to make sure that all resources flow at the right time at the right place, to produce the right results done by the right people. Otherwise, little inefficiencies here and there are going to start nibbling away at your profits.

A lot of contractors are completely blind to this. In fact, a lot of contractors are just simply happy that they"ve gotten a job. Whether it"s a general contracting job or a subcontractor job, they"re just simply happy to get what they get. The problem is, the contracting market is so competitive and it is such a dog-eat-dog world out there that you can"t expect to skate. Long gone are the days where you can comfortably coast on little inefficiencies here and there.

Let me tell you, your competitors are going to underbid you. Once they"ve gotten their act together, once they run a tight ship, they are going to steal your lunch. What are you going to do about it? How are you going to prepare yourself and your company so that this doesn"t happen?

Unfortunately, a lot of small to medium sized contracting outfits are completely unprepared for the competition. It really is a race to the bottom. Whoever runs the tightest ship and who can deliver the highest quality for the lowest price wins, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. You probably don"t need me to remind you of this fact.

The window of opportunity that you have for yourself in the world of contracting is getting narrower and narrower until it eventually disappears. This is why you really need to get down to business as far as efficiency is concerned.

You might think a little miscommunication here and there and mixed signals here and there are not going to put much of a dent in your bigger financial picture at the end of the day. Well, you"re more than welcome to think that, but let me tell you, you"re going to only have yourself to blame when you find out that these little inefficiencies that seem so small right here right now might actually add up to quite a bit of a competitive disadvantage.

Your competitors are serious. They are watching every penny. They are looking at their workflow and are conducting important motion studies. In other words, they want to make sure that everybody is doing the right thing at the right time at the right sequence to produce the right effects using the right products to get the right advantages. What are you going to do about this? It"s only a matter of time until they catch up to you. It"s only a matter of time until your bids simply won"t hit the mark.

This is why you need to watch your costs like an eagle. You need to tighten your operations. You need to squeeze every ounce of fat in the way you do things, otherwise, all of this is going to catch up to you. Otherwise, your little slippage here and there and “good enough" mindset is not going to cut it. In fact, the time may have come where it"s never going to cut it again.

Don"t get left behind. Efficiency is the name of the game. And to ensure maximum efficiency at any jobsite, you need to find a top notch construction radio. This is crucial because from a central location, all resources and all manpower assets are deployed to maximize return. That"s the bottom line.

On the surface, it may seem that you"re just coordinating everything in a very seamless and smooth way to ensure that the right people do the right job at the right time using the right products to produce the right effect. But it goes deeper than that. It"s all about squeezing every little piece of miscommunication and other forms of inefficiency totally out of the picture.

This is how you maximize your profits. This is how you come out ahead time and time again. Nothing else will do. Nothing else will suffice. You have to hit the mark over and over again.

Why is this a big deal? Why is finding a top notch construction radio so crucial? Well, it helps you avoid miscommunications. This alone makes such a radio worth its weight in gold. If there is any kind of miscommunication on the field, you know that this can translate to people charging you money for doing nothing.

If you have any experience as a contractor, you know this like the back of your hand. In fact, this is your worst nightmare come true. Unfortunately, this happens all the time. It doesn"t happen like clockwork, but it happens all the time at some level or another.

And what makes it really dangerous is that you may be thinking that it"s only 15 minutes that you lost or it"s only an hour. It really is just a tiny blip. Well, you"re more that welcome to think that, but those tiny blips add up to a tremendous amount of money. Those dollars could have been inflating your profit margin. Those dollars could have been insulating the competitive edge you have over other contractors.

Another reason why you need a top notch construction radio is that it enables you to work more efficiently. Different work crews work at different stages of a jobsite and everybody has to do their work at the right time and at the right place and at the right pace. It"s like conducting a symphony. And if any section is off, then the whole symphony produces the wrong music.

The same applies to a jobsite. If something is off or working inefficiently, then the whole flow of materials as well as labor is thrown off track. This, ultimately, leads to waste.

Now, you may be thinking that any organization and any outfit has to allocate a certain percentage to waste. I can see where you"re coming from with that. I can see why a lot of people are more than happy to accept that reality, but the problem is, the competitive landscape in the contracting world has evolved to the point where we no longer have that threshold. We no longer have that luxury. You either have to work efficiently now to conserve as much resources as possible or you end up wasting time, which leads to wasting money.

The more gaps in the schedule appear due to miscommunication or bad coordination leads to lost profits. Any business worth its salt must fanatically police its resources and guard against loss, otherwise, it"s going to get left behind by competitors that are faster, nimbler and more in tune with the competitive times.

The window of opportunity is about to close. It"s about to pass you by and you need the best equipment that you can get your hands on to ensure that everything is proceeding smoothly as far as your operations are concerned. This is why finding the best jobsite radio is not a matter of speculation. It is not a matter of theory. It"s not a matter of you thinking out loud about how nice it would be to have the right kind of equipment. This is life or death. This is a black and white situation.


Product Description


Sangean"s new compact-size utility worksite TB-100 TOUGHBOX AM/FM Digital PLL Radio Tuner includes leading-edge features, offers best-in-class reception, durability, rain/dust/shock resistance, superior sound quality and convenience. The TOUGHBOX also features simple operation and an Aux-in jack to connect your external devices, making this radio suitable for both indoor and outdoor work. The TOUGHBOX is the best compact job-site radio in the industry–especially made for the tradesman who enjoys their music while at a job-site.

Digital PLL Tuning

The TOUGHBOX features a flexible pivoting antenna and digital PLL tuner for better reception and has an AM/FM digital tuner with a large backlit LCD display to ensure excellent visibility. It also has 10 easy touch memory presets (5 FM / 5 AM) for each of your favorite stations.

TB-100 Toughbox by Sangean

The TOUGHBOX is the best compact jobsite radio in the industry. The TOUGHBOX has rugged design that resists water, dust and shock. It"s perfect for outdoor job site conditions. A ruggedly designed rotary tuner and volume control make this radio easy to use.

Equipped with a 5-inch water-resistant speaker with high-quality full-range sound, the TOUGHBOX provides sufficient audio quality in noisy environments.

Durable ABS Construction

The TOUGHBOX has durable ABS plastic construction. Its impact-resistant material is just one aspect that makes this radio suitable for use on building sites.

Runs on Rechargeable and Alkaline Batteries

The Sangean TB-100 can be powered with 4 rechargeable or alkaline C batteries. When the radio is plugged in via the AC power, it will charge your rechargeable C batteries. The 2.7-meter-long rubber cable can quickly and easily be rolled up on the back of the unit to avoid tripping over while at a job-site.

Features At A Glance

  • Rain Resistant to JIS4 Standard
  • Rechargeable with Charging LED Indicator
  • Aux-In for MP3, CD Player or iPod/iPhone
  • 5 1/4 Inch Water Resistant, High Powered Speaker
  • 10 Memory Preset Stations (5 FM, 5 AM)


  • Heavy bass sound that is loud for qany worksite environment
  • Rugged exterior to withstand harsh working conditions
  • Great that it works with any standard alkaline or rechargeable batteries size C
  • Easy to manage control buttons


  • A little on the heavy side for some users
  • Radio reception seems to be poor at some areas
  • Distorted sound at higher volume


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    Product Description

    Milwaukee Tool, USA based business specializing in home improvement tools and equipments never cease to bring its customer revolutionary and useful products throughout the years. The innovative and advanced worksite radio, Model 2792-20 M18 is another fine example of that brilliance. This charging radio brings to the worksite an atmosphere of freshness and motivates workers on the jobsite by playing music and radio programs all day long.

    Using Bluetooth technology, this construction work radio allows users to connect to their music devices such as an MP3 player or a cell phone and stream effortlessly and wirelessly rich quality sound from 30 meters away. The radio also acts as a fast and convenient way to charge your Milwaukee batteries or other portable electronic devices on the go. A point to note is that it can charge the devices off its own battery power rather than just the AC outlet power.

    The exterior is toughly built with a durable reinforced roll cage acting as a protective cover with the aluminum handles protecting the internal circuitry and components from damage. As such you can safely use it in any harsh worksite environment without fear of it being damaged easily.

    In addition to streaming music from any devices, this cool worksite radio also has an AM/FM Tuner with a digital processor, that you can preset to any radio stations of your preference so that you will never miss another NFL game again. The inbuilt speakers are very powerful and can drown out any noisy worksite environment easily. Check out the features below.

    Features At A Glance

  • Built-in charger quickly and conveniently powers up all Milwaukee M18 Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Weather-sealed compartment offers onboard protection for small belongings and smart phone
  • Premium speakers and 40 Watt amplifier produce a rich, full sounds for clear audio
  • Customizable equalizer and 10 station presets deliver personalized and enhanced sound
  • Exclusive Digital Bluetooth receiver streams audio wirelessly from over 100 ft.


  • Extremely tough and well built with the rollcage
  • Great speakers that is loud enough for any noisy worksite environment
  • USB outlet charger is very convenient to charge cellphones and other electronic device on the go.


  • Slightly more pricier than other models


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    Product Description

    Who says that style, music and work can"t go hand in hand? Not with the The ION Audio Job Rocker Plus made by Ion Audio based in the United States. With a bright orange outer color, it is a favorite among construction worksite workers as well as the younger generation looking for some fun and music on the go. Built with durable materials, this jobsite radio can withstand the rigors and harsh environment of any worksite

    With a chrome-plated steel handle, transporting this jobsite radio around is a breeze as the weight is only about 18 pounds. On the exterior the full length metal grille keeps the speaker safe from dirt, debris and scraps.

    Bluetooth is a standard feature of the worksite radio and you can stream your prerecorded music and songs from any Bluetooth enabled device such as MP3 players and cellphones from 30 yards away. If you do not have a Bluetooth device, you can always use the 1/8-inch socket to plug in your device for wired playback instead of wireless. Regardless of which method you choose to stream the music, it always played loud and clear without much difficulty.

    If you are using an AC wall power for the ION Audio Job Rocker Plus, there are also 2 additional AC power outlets on the back of this radio so you can use them as extensions for your other AC operated device such as a cordless drill, angle grinder or even to simply power up the work lights around you.
    IF there are no AC power, you can also use the separate 12V DC outlet socket to power up the unit from a car.

    The built-in radio comes standard with 6 preset stations or you can also manually set the stations to your liking in the event the standard ones do not appeal to you. For reception boosting, the rubber antenna does a good job in providing exceptional reception signal so that you do not have to miss your any of favorite football games .

    An useful is the availability of the USB port which can act your USB Powerbank. You will never worry of missing any phone calls due to lower of depleted cell phone batteries as this jobsite radio will keep your phone charge and connected through out the day.

    The ION Audio Job Rocker Plus acts as your indispensable workmate when you are working in a construction site, at home working on a DIY project or even in the garage while working on your automobile.

    Features At A Glance

  • Streams music wirelessly from any Bluetooth device
  • Built-in battery provides up to 50 hours of continuous use on a single charge.
  • Powerful 50-watt speaker system provides room-filling sound and full bass.
  • USB port for charging smartphones, tablets and more.
  • Includes 12V input jack and cables to power unit from your car
  • Durable wooden cabinet with rugged chrome-plated handle and corner bumpers.


  • Very tough and can withstand the harsh worksite environment
  • Loud and clear sound from the powerful speakers
  • Bluetooth capability eliminates the need for wired devices
  • One charge can lastr up to a week of usage at 6-8 hours per day
  • Added rubber antenna is a good addition for better reception in areas of weak radio signals.


  • Some users have complained about Bluetooth pairing problems where device cannot be detected. 

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    Product Description

    If you want to save time and get to do more work at your worksite or even at home, the DEWALT DC012 worksite charger/radio is just the right piece of equipment for you. The built in lithium-ion or NiCad battery charger is both efficient and fast and can charge your cell phone or other small electronic appliances. In addition, it also has a radio with MP3 function that you can plugin your favorite music device in the AUX port and keep yourself entertained with the songs and music that you loved all day long. Your work will get a lot more interesting and lively with this piece of entertainment machine nearby.

    Built with tough materials, this jobsite radio incorporates designs that can withstand the rigors sand roughness of the worksite. It takes bumps and knocks all in it"s stride without any problems. Within this tough machine lies the digital controls and functions that are easy to operate giving you advance features to keep you entertained all day long.

    You can easily charge all 7.2- to 18-volt DEWALT battery packs in roughly an hour if you plugged in the jobsite radio to a wall power. The DC012 comes with an advance 3 stage charging system that provides maximum operation time while prolonging the life of the battery.

    With a highly readable LCD display, the DC012 comes with AM/FM Digital Tuner with a 15 station memory preset and a highly accurate clock. This water resistant jobsite radio play digital music efficient through it"s high quality dual bass speakers and delivers maximum sound quality even in noisy worksites and environment.

    Weighing in at only 14.25lbs, it is portable and lightweight enough to transport around easily without any problems.

    Features At A Glance

  • Functions as both a charger and a radio
  • Advance 3 Stage Charging System that provides maximum battery life
  • Advance digital control that are user friendly
  • AUX port to connect to your favorite music players


  • Very well built and tough and can withstand knocks and spills around the worksite
  • Loud speakers that can provide maximum volume even in noisy environments.
  • Warranty for 3 years with a 90 days free returns and 1 year free service


  • No USB input port. Only AUX is available
  • Ports may be a little flimsy so care needs to be taken when using them.
  • May be a little heavy for some users.

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